Tuesday, January 24, 2017

24/365 manage your time

It takes a great deal to figure out a way to manage your time, especially when you have a lot of priorities to balance.  For me, I have to balance a reasonable schedule for the following priorities:  21 credits of school, 30 hours of work per week, running an extracurricular club, being in an extracurricular club, and giving myself #selflove time.  It is a lot, but somehow I manage to get through each day.  This is how I do it.

1. Map out your schedule
Every minute and second of your life should be mapped out.  I usually just make a spread with days being in the x-axis and times being in the y-axis.  From 8AM - 10PM each day, I first jot down what classes I am taking (because school first), then my work schedule, and lastly my curricular activities. From there I then look at possible moments for me to relax and do me.  I believe once you see a great visual of your schedule you will be able to stick to it and make any changes as you go.

2. Use your calendar app!
Now living in a technology world, it is easy to keep your calendar and schedule close to you, right in your phone!  There are many planner, calendar type apps that is able to keep you on track.  Personally, I just use the calendar app that is in my iphone.  I map out my schedule the same way, but I color code it based on the type of class, work, or event I will be doing for that day.  Plus it will  be easy for you to edit it along the way if there needs to be any changes or additions needed.
Fun tip:  If you plan to map out your school schedule on your calendar app - instead of typing in each day, even if there are some days with similar schedules - you can edit it to where you can put it "on repeat" or create a custom repeating days.  You can also edit it to where it will end occurring!  For example, you can do this for your school schedule or even monthly meetings etc.

3. Keep up with your #selflove time
Especially for people who are crazy busy - you need to leave some time for yourself.  It is never fun when you constantly offer yourself to everything else.  You need time for yourself, and it is totally fine.  Get some exercise, read a book, go shopping - your ideas for yourself are endless!  Sometimes a little time to yourself will allow you re-energize.  I usually like to schedule self love time everyday - especially on weekends.

4. Make time for studying
If you are a student like me, make sure you make time to study!  Jot it down, make it visual and seen!  Studying is usually the last of our worries - especially when you already have a lot to during the day.  Taking 21 credits, I spread out times for each class I am taking.  For example, if I allotted six hours in certain spots of the day, I make sure to work on every class for at least two hours.

I know, it doesn't make sense for me to work on English on a Monday when I have it on Thursdays... but that's the great thing about it!  It allows you to study and be ahead of the game.  Sometimes you would be so ahead that certain days you will find yourself having more time to yourself than usual.

5. Schedule exam prep times!
If you are a student - every professor usually has a syllabus ready for you.  In that syllabus, it usually has a schedule of everything you would talk about for the semester, and even so - exam days.  Use this syllabus wisely and map out when you will dedicate time to study for an exam!  For example, if you have an exam three weeks from now and have to study chapters 1 through 3, schedule each week, at lease six hours during that time to study a certain chapter.  Being able to spread out times to study for an exam and not cramming it all in one day will allow you to regurgitate more information and understand it a whole lot better.

These are my top ways to manage my time!  It is essential to have habits like these because it will always keep you on track, keep you ahead, and also not stress you out everyday.  Let me know what you do to manage your time!

Mari J Leano

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  1. 2. I got on lock! 3. I struggle in but I'm trying. Thanks for sharing the tips!!